***Now Available *** Home Visits by Doctor and Tele-Consultation via video

Real Parents
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Real Parents
Real Parents
real parents
One of our parents Arun Kr. Patra & Namita Patra
who have been trusting us for all their needs for years
We have contacts with some great hospitals.
We can arrange to admit your parents there, if needed.
We can take care of many errands including
paying bills, shopping even take them to a movie
doctor's visit
Depend on us to take your parents to  doctor's visits,
get the medicines etc. and also do follow up with them
Give Compnay
We can read books/magazines to your parents. Listen to them.
That is what people at old age wants most. Someone to talk to.
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News Updates

About Parental Care India

Being an NRI myself, I know firsthand how it feels to have my parents go through the difficulties of dealing with the urban jungle that Indian metro cities have become. I see the fear in their eyes every time I meet them personally. They have lived all their lives working hard and providing the very best to us the children. It’s painful to see that they are imprisoned in their own houses because there is no reliable service provider who can take care of the logistical details .

Our company will do exactly that. Let us be the helping hand not for a day or a month, but throughout the year.

As your parents struggle with getting through their daily routines, it impacts their quality of life. It is also a source of your major worries. Let us help you with some of these worries. We have built our organization since 2008 on trust and accountability.

News Updates


Errands like paying bills,doing weekly or monthly shopping

Media Coverage
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Doctor visits, bank visits, mediclaim, other information finding and research

How Our Services Work

1. Let us know via phone/WhatsApp or just fill up the Service Request Form on this website

2. Once we receive confirmation from one of the Associates we let you/parents know who is going to perform the service.

3. Once the service is performed, we send you the invoice via PayPal.

4. You can make payment via PayPal and send a review of the service performed.

Customer Testimonials

We take pride in providing personal care and attention to all of our customers. Please read what other people have said about us.

When I needed a knee surgery I wasn't sure how the logistics of going back and forth between the house, doctor's office and hospital was going to work out. I was also worried about the fact that how everything else in the house was going to be managed during the time I would not be able to walk. You made my life a lot easier. Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot for helping my parents out! I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to your assistance going forward.I spoke with my parents and they were quite happy with the assistance received from you. Thanks a lot for attaching the prescription and my parents pictures. Will look forward for more attachments.

Mr. Ronendranath Mukhopadhay Kolkata

We are a blind couple. So, when I got sick, my wife had a hard time arranging for all the help I needed. Debabrata and Animesh came through for us in a big way. We appreciate the personal attention and care they showed and we felt that they were extremely professional and honest. We will avail their service happily again in future.

Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

I'm very impressed with the activities of these young men. I've verified the authenticity of their motivator Mr. Animesh Chowdhury in America.