Service Provider Agreement

<< Name Of Service Provider >>, am joining the Service Provider Associate Network (hereon referred as the “Network”) managed by Parental Care India Pvt. Ltd. (hereon referred to as the “Company”) voluntarily on day of << Month >>, << Year >>.

  • I hereby declare that the information I had provided in application number and a copy attached herewith is furnished by me.
  • I hereby declare that I intend to become an associate to provide services to customers of the company.
  • I am liable to inform the company if there is any change in the information provided in the application form number within 30 (thirty) days of such a change.
  • I understand that reviews of my work will be published in the website of the company – and any brochures or printed material produced by the company.
  • I understand that a visit is intended to be performed by one person.
  • I agree to carry the identity card provided by the company for identifying me at all times when I am at the customer premises.
  • I agree to receive payment only when my work has been approved by the customer.
  • I agree to receive a specified percentage of the service fee as my remuneration. I also understand that the specified percentage mentioned above may change in future.
  • I understand that there maybe some preparatory work needed before a visit is performed and some wrap up work after the visit is performed. These pieces of work are considered part of a visit.
  • I agree to abide by all applicable civil and criminal laws in the locality where a service is being performed. I understand that the company will not indemnify me against any local or national law violations.
  • I will not ask for and nor accept any ex gratia (tip) payment from the customer.
  • I will return my identity card which is provided by the company and any other tools or documents provided by the company at the termination of my association with the Network.
  • I will respect privacy of all the customers that I come in contact with as part of my work.
  • I agree to represent the company when I visit a customer’s premises and also agree to follow the processes and procedures laid out of the company in regards to the providing a particular service.
  • I agree to respond to the service requests promptly.
  • I understand that I will not be paid if a visit is not performed to the satisfaction of the customer.
  • I hereby declare that I will not subvert, bypass or contradict company rules and regulations as long as I am in the associate network of the company.
  • I will inform the company of any wrongdoing that come to my attention related to my work.

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