Customer Agreement

Terms and Conditions of service arranged by Parental Care India Pvt. Ltd. and The Customer. Parental Care India Pvt. Ltd. (The “company”) will provide a platform and a process to match up a service request and a service provider.

  • We will never sell or share your information with any other individual or business.

  • We use the contact information you provide us for our own services only.

  • We will never send you any promotional material from another business.

  • The customer agrees to pay the company the specified price of a service (clearly visible in the website of the company – ) within two days (48 hours) of the execution of the service.
  • The prices of different services are subject to change without notice.
  • The company does not guarantee to find a match for a service request.
  • The company will not be liable for physical, financial or property damage during the execution of a visit by a service provider.
  • The company reserves the right to exclude a service provider from the platform.
  • A service request needs to be created at least 48 hours before the date of the service to ensure a best possible match.
  • The service request phone will be reachable within the hours of 9 AM to 8:30 PM IST (Indian Standard Time) Monday through Saturday.
  • The company does not provide a 24X7X365 emergency call service.
  • Neither the company, nor any of the service providers in the associate network are qualified to provide medical, financial or legal counselling.
  • The Company is only responsible for finding a matching associate who has agreed to perform a service. The Company is not responsible for execution of the service.
  • The Company will not be responsible for safekeeping of any important documents or artifacts or objects.
  • The match between a service provider and a service request is done on a best-effort basis.