Airport Pickup or Drop-off (**)

Rental charges
The rental charge for the vehicle should be paid to the rental agency As-Billed.

With a subscription plan, our changes
1. Regular hours (7 am 10 11pm: USD 2.00/hour with a minimum of USD 8.00 per visit during  or
2. Overnight hours (11 pm to 7 am):  USD 2.50/hour with a minimum USD 10.00/visit.

Note: The charges mentioned on this page are for our services only. Third-party charges like, the doctor’s fee, the transport fee, the surcharges charged by vendors depending on the time of the service , the fee charged by passport office or visa office are to be borne by the customer.

Our charge : USD 43.99

Cancellation fee:
A fee of USD 4.99 will be charged if a scheduled visit cannot be performed even when the associate has reached the customer’s site, due to external circumstances – like a weather event, or a strike.

** Airport pickup-dropoff services are only available for destinations within Kolkata. Car hire companies may charge an extra fee if the service is performed during night hours and/or if the distance traveled is more than 100 kms even when the trip is within Kolkata city. These charges are to be paid extra in INR to the car hire agency.