You can purchase a three-month or a six-month subscription plan using the PayPal button below. The subscription period starts from the day you purchase the plan.

With a subscription plan, visits are charged USD 2.00/hour with a minimum of USD 8.00 per visit during “regular” hours – between 7 AM and 11PM and USD 2.50/hour with a minimum USD 10.00/visitUSD 18.00 per visit. An emergency visit is recorded when a visit is performed without prior notice.

Here are few things that we’ve been asked to provide over the years and now we’ll be able to provide these services in partnership with local providers – ​

  • Medical equipment rental for use at home
  • Home Visit by a physician
  • Arranging for trained nurses at home
  • Monthly delivery of medicines and medical supplies
  • Please note that there are no partial refunds of a subscription plan if you choose to discontinue the services in the middle of a subscription period.

Membership period